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Greener Gift Wrap 3

December is here and Santa’s elves are working around the clock to get all the toys ready for the good girls and boys by Christmas Eve. I would love nothing more than to be the elf in Santa’s workshop who gets to wrap presents! It’s my dream job, actually. I’ve mentioned before (here and here) […]

Mountain Girl Must Haves 0

Well, we’re back in the flatlands. Our trip home from Montana wasn’t nearly as eventful as the trip getting there. Thank goodness there were no tow trucks required this time around! By the time we pulled into our driveway in Oklahoma, we had put almost 5,500 miles on Susie and her new car smell had been […]

Catchin’ Cooties 4

Anyone remember making Cootie Catchers back in your grade school days? You know, the silly game where a folded sheet of notebook paper would predict who you’d marry, where you’d live, and how many kids you’d have? For some reason, I was reminded of them this week and thought it’d be fun to make a […]

Sharing the Love: 50 Ideas for Making Your Own Valentines 29

There’s something super sweet about handmade valentines. Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve sitting at the kitchen table (covered head to toe with glue and glitter!) making cards for my friends. Ok, let’s be honest…..this scenario still happens at my house today, even as an adult. Every year on Valentine’s Day, my sweetie […]

Wrap Room 3

Wrapping gifts is one of my very favorite things about the holidays (in fact, I’ve mentioned before that one of my dream jobs is to be a professional gift wrapper in the mall during Christmas). I love searching for cute gift wrap and coordinating the ribbons and embellishments to match my holiday decor….in fact, I probably obsess […]

20 Last Minute Gift Ideas 4

With only 13 shopping days left until Christmas, I thought it might be helpful to share some last-minute gift ideas with those over-worked elves who are still searching for the perfect presents for the good girls and boys on their lists (and, also because my Mom keeps asking). So, hint hint, little elves…. 1. WoodWick […]

Cocoon Cutie 2

We were recently blessed with another beautiful niece! Little Miss Fia made her debut on June 24 – 6 lbs, 11 oz of pure sweetness sent straight from heaven. We’ve loved her to pieces from the moment we met her! She is already the best little snuggle bug! I knitted this cozy sleep sack for […]

Special Delivery 8

One of our friends from work recently had a precious baby boy and we wanted to do something special for her, so Amanda and I teamed up to make dinner for the proud new parents. We were inspired by an article about putting together a “Welcome to the World” meal where each dish is given […]

It’s a Wrap 3

Before I sign off for the holidays, I want to share a little secret you may not know about me. For as long as I can remember, one of my dream jobs has been to work in a gift-wrapping kiosk at the mall during Christmas. (I know, it’s a pretty lofty thing to aspire to […]

Sugar & Spice 1

This little sweetie has captured our hearts! Our niece Nealy Brooke arrived on the scene in December and we are absolutely smitten with the newest addition to the family. While I’m slightly biased, there’s no arguing she’s ridiculously precious. She has that “fresh from heaven” smell, too. I could just eat her up! Nealy’s favorite […]

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