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Celebration Staycation 1

Jason and I took a much-needed week off to celebrate his completion of the Colorado Bar exam. Although I didn’t spend the past several months years studying the way he did, I was still mentally exhausted just by the very thought of it. So, clearly, it was a hard-earned vacation for the both of us. […]

God Bless America 0

We had a great 4th of July! Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love any excuse to spend time outdoors, watch a parade and eat good food. Aspen knows how to throw a 4th of July parade! It was the longest one I’ve ever been to – almost 2 hours […]

Harry Gates Hut Trip 0

This past weekend we went on a new adventure. Jason and I were invited to join four other couples for an overnight excursion to a backcountry hut. Believe it or not, even in late April there is still enough snow at the higher elevations for snow shoeing. The weather could not have been more perfect – […]

The Great Outdoors 0

I feel like the weekends are never long enough to fit in all the outdoorsy adventures that we plan. Even during the coldest months, there are just so many fun things to do in the mountains. Of course, we’re taking full advantage of our season ski passes! We’ve been skiing almost every single weekend since […]

Living in a Winter Wonderland 8

So, finally, some pictures of Colorado! We’ve been so busy exploring that I haven’t yet taken the time to share what we’ve been up to since moving to Colorado in December. Of course, our main purpose for being here is that Jason is completing his last semester of law school (woohoo!) by interning for an […]

Planning to Get Fit 32

Ouch! I just completed week one of “Operation Get Fit” and every muscle in my body is begging for mercy. I’ve rediscovered muscles I’d forgotten I had….and somehow even managed to bruise my tailbone within the first ten minutes of bootcamp today. Dang you, Groupon, and your irresistible deal on bargain-priced fitness classes! I’m not […]

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