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Handmade Halloween: 30 DIY Costumes for Kids 1

My mom is one of those amazing mothers who sewed elaborate, handmade Halloween costumes for my brothers and me every year when we were little. I don’t know how she found the time to do it, but she always did….even though we probably would have been perfectly content with store-bought costumes. While I’ll never have […]

Best Seat in the House 3

In the spring and summer we basically live outside on our back deck. The backyard is what originally sold us on our house and it’s become one of my very favorite places to unwind. On the rare occasions I actually have a leisurely morning to enjoy, I love lounging on the deck with a cup […]

Sugar & Spice 1

This little sweetie has captured our hearts! Our niece Nealy Brooke arrived on the scene in December and we are absolutely smitten with the newest addition to the family. While I’m slightly biased, there’s no arguing she’s ridiculously precious. She has that “fresh from heaven” smell, too. I could just eat her up! Nealy’s favorite […]

Onesie, Twosie 5

When my friends started having babies I decided it was time to take up knitting as a hobby. Visions of handmade booties and blankies danced in my head. ┬áTurns out, knitting requires quite a bit of coordination and, unfortunately, my fingers did not get the memo. The lowest point came when my brother yanked the […]

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