Monthly Archives: January 2013

Our Birthday Boy 8

Dearest Brenda, Thirty years ago today, at 8:17 am, you gave me the best gift I’ve ever received by giving birth to a precious 8 lb 5 oz baby boy that you named Jason Michael. Thank you for raising such an amazing, well-rounded son. I see so many of your admirable traits in him. Jason […]

What’s Cookin’ – Menu Plan for Jan. 20-26 5

I’m on a business trip right now so the hubs is fending for himself in the kitchen this week. He really is a great cook, so I’m not at all worried that he’ll go hungry. Just to be sure, I made a quick run to the grocery store before I left and stocked up on […]

What’s Cookin’ – Menu Plan for Jan. 13-19 6

Sunday is typically the day that I plan our menu for the week and put together a grocery shopping list. To be honest, some weeks I’m better about this than others, but I like to have a basic game plan for getting dinner on the table. Planning in advance just saves so much time and […]

Still Dizzy from December 3

I’m still alive, promise! December almost swallowed me whole, though. Let’s see if I can remember some of the highlights. Well, I turned another year wiser on December 19th. I celebrated my special day in the hospital with my dad who was there getting a brand new hip. The best gift of all was that […]

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