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Cocoon Cutie 2

We were recently blessed with another beautiful niece! Little Miss Fia made her debut on June 24 – 6 lbs, 11 oz of pure sweetness sent straight from heaven. We’ve loved her to pieces from the moment we met her! She is already the best little snuggle bug! I knitted this cozy sleep sack for […]

Yet Another Post About Knitting 3

With two knitting posts back-to-back, it may seem like I’ve just been knitting up a storm. Oh, how I wish that were the case! While I haven’t had time to cast-on many new projects lately, I finally managed to squeeze in the Loops 202 class I’d been looking forward to since completing the first class […]

Snowmageddon Scarf 2

Thanks to the record-setting snowstorm that blanketed Oklahoma this week, we still have about a foot and a half of snow on the ground at our house. While I’ve quite enjoyed being snowed-in for a few days, cabin fever has definitely started to set in now (although, I certainly can’t complain about being stuck indoors […]

Feeling Loopy 6

Y’all, check it out! I finally learned to knit!!! Despite several failed attempts at teaching myself, I decided to give it one more shot and signed up for lessons at Loops, a fabulous yarn store here in Tulsa. My knitting guru, Gina Y., was incredibly patient and ENTHUSIASTIC as she taught us to cast on, […]

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