Shayla Groves is a graphic designer, architecture enthusiast, paper fanatic, bargain shopper and organization guru. She married her high school sweetheart in 2005 and they live happily ever after in Basalt, Colorado.

Shayla GrovesOk, enough of that. I feel silly writing about myself in third-person as if I’m not in the room. This is what I know for sure….

Design is my domain. After earning an Environmental Design degree from Texas A&M University, I chose a career in Historic Preservation and quickly discovered my niche as a graphic designer. I’m fortunate to earn a living doing what I love!

I thrive on the creative process, finding inspiration from numerous sources and experiences. Needing a place to organize the ideas flowing through my mind, I carved out this little space on the interweb to document my creative endeavors.

The name—design finch—was inspired by my HUGE cat Finchley, lovingly nicknamed “Finch” for short. Ironically, he’s completely terrified of birds.