Monthly Archives: April 2011

Put a Cork In It 18

For Earth Day this year, Anthropologie created an entire theme around recycled wine corks and even hosted a “Crafting with Cork” day in many of their stores. After receiving the invite, I immediately called to reserve my spot at the event and was asked how many children I would be bringing with me. “Ummm…..ZERO?!” Then […]

Clean Green 14

Today is Earth Day, y’all. While I jumped on the “go green” bandwagon long ago, each year this holiday gives me reason to stop and consider what else I could do to be a better steward of the natural resources God has entrusted us with. Around our house we already do most of the typical […]

Special Delivery 8

One of our friends from work recently had a precious baby boy and we wanted to do something special for her, so Amanda and I teamed up to make dinner for the proud new parents. We were inspired by an article about putting together a “Welcome to the World” meal where each dish is given […]

Making Memories at The Mayo 2

This past weekend Jason and I joined his classmates at The Mayo Hotel for Barrister’s Ball, law school’s version of prom. The Mayo is a gorgeous historic hotel in downtown Tulsa that was recently renovated after being abandoned for 20 years. It was built in 1925 at the height of Tulsa’s oil boom and hosted […]

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