Monthly Archives: March 2010

Nealy Brooke 0

Just popping in to say hello! This little munchkin is the reason the bloggy has been quiet this week….. We just returned from Tulsa where we got in some good cuddle time with our niece. Nealy is 3.5 months old now and her newest tricks are holding her head up and giggling. Words can’t express […]

Cloffice 11

Welcome to the international headquarters of design finch, Inc! I thought I’d show you were all the magic happens, but in order to truly appreciate the space you need to see the complete transformation. While I enjoy sharing an office with my hubby, our previous workspace was really cramped, inefficient and lacked storage for books […]

Full Plate 8

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and this week was particularly hectic. Between full-time and freelance work, multiple project deadlines, volunteer commitments and meetings, I┬áhaven’t had much down time. After a long day it’s so easy to neglect the home front, especially cooking nutritious meals for the two of us. The most difficult […]

Out with the Old 1

Let me begin by saying I have nothing against gray. It’s quite a lovely color. I’m a big fan, in fact. But the gray tile in our entry area was just not working for me. It was as if you were greeted by 1989 upon entering the front door. We’ve actually intended to replace it […]

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