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May Flowers 2

You know what they say about April showers. Around here it’s more like April snows bring May flowers, but whatever. This spring I was so jealous to see my Texas friends posting precious photos of their kiddos playing in the bluebonnets when we still had several feet of snow on the ground. Over the past […]

Fall Refresh 4

Between the hot, dry summer and the fact that we completely abandoned our poor potted plants for eight weeks while in Montana, let’s just say that things weren’t looking good when we returned home. Coincidentally, our next door neighbors moved out while we were away. Can you blame them? They were probably tired of looking […]

reduce : reuse: recycle : reTHINK 0

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature this weekend. The hubs has unfortunately been cooped up in the library studying for finals, but I’ve spent the entire weekend working in the garden and entertaining the dogs with long walks. I’m ready for his exams to […]

Our Bloomin’ Garden 2

The weather has been so nice lately and I’ve been spending every chance I get outside working in the garden, thus the lack of frequent blog posts. Over the past week I’ve transplanted some daisies and irises that were getting too big, added a few drought-tolerant perennials, and put down 16 bags of mulch in […]

Eat Your Veggies 1

You know what one of my very favorite things about spring and summer is? Shopping for fresh produce at the farmers’ market! Call me a weirdo, but it’s seriously more exciting than a trip to the candy store for me. I’m so thrilled that our local farmers’ market opens for the season in a couple […]

Charleston’s Window Boxes 3

One of the first things I noticed while strolling around Charleston was that almost all of the historic homes have beautiful window boxes overflowing with flowers. Few of the homes in the historic district have yards since they are built so close together, therefore planters are pretty much all the gardening space Charlestonians have available. […]

Pallet Possibilities 27

I’m noticing a new trend popping up on a lot of design blogs recently – furniture made from reclaimed shipping pallets. Ever since I spotted this funky green coffee table for my Retro Glam mood board, I’ve become slightly obsessed with finding new ways to upcycle pallets into functional pieces for the home. Wooden pallets […]

Clean Green 14

Today is Earth Day, y’all. While I jumped on the “go green” bandwagon long ago, each year this holiday gives me reason to stop and consider what else I could do to be a better steward of the natural resources God has entrusted us with. Around our house we already do most of the typical […]

Best Seat in the House 3

In the spring and summer we basically live outside on our back deck. The backyard is what originally sold us on our house and it’s become one of my very favorite places to unwind. On the rare occasions I actually have a leisurely morning to enjoy, I love lounging on the deck with a cup […]

Urning Its Keep 3

Meet one of the most versatile objects I own….the trusty garden urn. It made its debut as decor in my wedding almost 5 years ago and has served multiple uses around the house ever since. In the spring and summer it greets guests with colorful flowers on the front porch. When the weather turns cold, the […]

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