Monthly Archives: September 2014

Construction – Week 23 1

Our house felt like a beehive this week – there were subcontractors swarming everywhere! The roof and solar panels were actually installed a couple of weeks ago, but my camera batteries died so I’m just now sharing them. Once the siding was complete, the roofers returned to finish installing the shingles. We chose Onyx Black […]

Construction – Week 22 (Lighting Edition!) 0

  Ugh, this was seriously one of the most frustrating weeks of our remodel project so far! The previous week felt super productive with a lot of big projects crossed off the list, but the forward momentum came to a grinding halt with the drywallers this week. Our contractor had estimated that it would take […]

Construction – Week 21 0

Good news – there was a lot of exciting progress made this week! Bad news – my camera battery died halfway through photographing everything, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. All of our cabinets were installed this week and we are so, so happy with the way they turned out! We […]

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