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Construction – Week 22 (Lighting Edition!) 0

  Ugh, this was seriously one of the most frustrating weeks of our remodel project so far! The previous week felt super productive with a lot of big projects crossed off the list, but the forward momentum came to a grinding halt with the drywallers this week. Our contractor had estimated that it would take […]

Our Pick: The Central Location 5

Congrats to Liz who was the first to correctly guess “Central Location“! Yep, this little beauty is our new abode: After perusing countless real estate listings, I can believe that the house we purchased was right under our noses the entire time. I walked by this house almost daily on my way to take the […]

The Houses We’ve Called Home 3

I recently realized that in the eight years we’ve been married, Jason and I have lived in six different houses. Apparently we like to move a lot. Or we’re gluttons for punishment, I’m not sure. Let’s take a little tour of the places we’ve called home, shall we?   Home #1 City: Austin, TX House […]

Pick One: Colorado Edition 9

As my husband can attest, if there is a homes tour or an open house anywhere within a 25 mile radius, then I’ll be first in line to get a sneak peak! He says I’m nosy, but I call it research. After all, I was an architecture major in college so snooping around other people’s […]

Bathroom Fit for a Kid 2

I recently got this text from my dear friend Bethany: I am knee deep in Pinterest trying to pick tile for our bathroom remodels. Can I pay you to pick them for us? 😉 Or better yet, I’ll buy your flight out here for a consultation and get friend time, too! Oh how I wish […]

The Great Pumpkin: A Fall Centerpiece Tutorial 4

Even though Halloween is now behind us, I’m betting there are a few of us with pumpkins still on our front porches. Anyone, anyone? Yeah, I thought so. Well, worry not. I have a great way to give Jack a new lease on life – turn him into a vase for a flower arrangement! A […]

Published 3

A couple of months ago when I was still in Montana, I received a sweet email from the editor of Graffiti Beach magazine. She said that she stumbled across photos of some of the rooms I’ve designed on my blog and wanted to interview me for an article she was writing about creating inspiring environments. […]

Thanksgiving Printables 5

Wow, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! This will be my second year hosting and I’m really looking forward to it. Putting such a big meal together always seemed like an overwhelming task, but last year I learned that starting preparations a few days in advance not only makes the process […]

Gratitude Stones 1

Yes, I’m still here! I appreciate all the calls and messages we received from friends and family checking on us after this crazy weekend of earthquakes in Oklahoma. We’re totally fine! What a bizarre feeling, though, to be jolted awake from a deep sleep by the sound of your house vibrating all around you. Not […]

Oh, My Gourd! 3

My favorite part of Halloween has always been decorating pumpkins. I have fond childhood memories of carving Jack-O-Lanterns with my brother Trent and now, as bigger kids, Jason and I continue the tradition. Needless to say, it usually turns into a competition between the two of us to see who can create the best pumpkin. […]

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