Monthly Archives: March 2013

Happy Easter 0

What a glorious day to celebrate Easter! We rose early so that we could spend the morning surrounded by God’s magnificent creation. The view from atop the mountain is always such a sweet reminder that we serve a powerful yet loving God. This morning we took the gondola to the summit of Aspen Mountain for […]

Pick One: Colorado Edition 9

As my husband can attest, if there is a homes tour or an open house anywhere within a 25 mile radius, then I’ll be first in line to get a sneak peak! He says I’m nosy, but I call it research. After all, I was an architecture major in college so snooping around other people’s […]

The Great Outdoors 0

I feel like the weekends are never long enough to fit in all the outdoorsy adventures that we plan. Even during the coldest months, there are just so many fun things to do in the mountains. Of course, we’re taking full advantage of our season ski passes! We’ve been skiing almost every single weekend since […]

Working Girl 4

I saw this book out of the corner of my eye while browsing at the library and it kinda piqued my interest. After flipping through a few pages, it looked too entertaining to pass up so I checked it out and ended up reading the entire book in one afternoon. The author, who has had […]

Cinco Things for Spring 4

Gah! The weather the past two days has been absolutely gorgeous here. It’s hard to imagine that just last Monday it was bitterly cold, windy and snaining (snow + rain) sideways. In fact, it was so pleasant today that I took my laptop to the local coffee shop and worked outside on the patio for […]

Menu Planning Perfection 2

There are tons of free printable menu planners on the interwebs, but I’ve just never been able to find “the perfect one”. I searched high and low for a planner where I could write my menu plan on one side and make a categorized grocery shopping list on the other. It helps me to see […]

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