Monthly Archives: June 2014

Construction – Week 11 3

As I sit down to go through the latest construction photos and write this post, I’m realizing just how little got accomplished at the job site this week. A couple new interior walls were framed and some minor work was done to prepare for the new roof and entry, but that’s about the extent of […]

Construction – Week 10 0

Week 10 marks the supposed halfway point in our little remodel project. Needless to say, we are far from being halfway done. Do we even have half of a house at this point? No. Will I need to check myself into a halfway house before it’s all said and done? Yes!   One of more […]

Construction – Week 9 0

Apparently this has turned into a blog just about construction! You’ll have to bear with me for a couple months longer, unfortunately. This project is consuming the majority of my mental capacity right now so I don’t have room to think about much else. To put it frankly, this was a really crappy week on […]

Construction – Week 8 0

It’s hard to get a sense of the space from photos alone, but in person the house has a good vibe going now. Before construction started, I hated going over there because the interior just felt dismal and depressing. Eight weeks in, it’s already starting to feel like a whole different house. The structural steel […]

Construction – Week 7 0

Right now construction is about a week behind schedule due to some delays in getting our structural steel. According to the contractor’s schedule, the walls should have been completely framed by now and work should have already started on the roof. Other than that little hiccup, things are going relatively smoothly. The big steel column […]

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