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Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours! 2

Somewhere between packing, moving, unpacking and nesting I failed to update the blog with photos of our freshly remodeled house. We are finally moved in, though, and it feels pretty amazing! We’ve been sleeping here for a month now and it’s beginning to feel more and more like home. Of course, we still have a […]

Construction – Weeks 27-29 2

The big news on the homefront: we finally have flooring! There was a lot of behind the scenes drama to get us to this point! Long story short, the original flooring installer we had lined up flaked out at the last minute so we had to scramble to line up another subcontractor. The new guys […]

One Year Houseiversary 4

We have owned our house for a year today! The ironic thing is that we’ve still yet to live there…. Look at those excited new homeowners in 2013. So energetic! So ready to tackle that remodel! So naive!!! And then here we are today….forced smiles and just SO. OVER. IT. ALREADY. You may have noticed […]

Construction – Weeks 24-26 5

I’ve been so busy these last few weeks babysitting subcontractors that I haven’t gotten around to updating the blog, so here’s three weeks worth of construction rolled into one post. It makes it seem like more progress has happened that way but, actually, we’ve done more backtracking than anything. Every day that I go over […]

Construction – Week 23 1

Our house felt like a beehive this week – there were subcontractors swarming everywhere! The roof and solar panels were actually installed a couple of weeks ago, but my camera batteries died so I’m just now sharing them. Once the siding was complete, the roofers returned to finish installing the shingles. We chose Onyx Black […]

Construction – Week 22 (Lighting Edition!) Comments Off on Construction – Week 22 (Lighting Edition!)

  Ugh, this was seriously one of the most frustrating weeks of our remodel project so far! The previous week felt super productive with a lot of big projects crossed off the list, but the forward momentum came to a grinding halt with the drywallers this week. Our contractor had estimated that it would take […]

Construction – Week 21 Comments Off on Construction – Week 21

Good news – there was a lot of exciting progress made this week! Bad news – my camera battery died halfway through photographing everything, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. All of our cabinets were installed this week and we are so, so happy with the way they turned out! We […]

Construction – Week 20 1

Week 20 has come and gone. If you’ve been following along from the beginning, you may remember that this entire remodeling project was scheduled to take 20 weeks and we were expecting to move in over Labor Day weekend. Well, that is clearly not the case. The new target is October 1st, but there is […]

Construction – Week 19 1

The excitement in our hood this week is that we have a mama bear and her two cubs (see photo) roaming the streets. Several neighbors have spotted them in their yards and one even reported that a bear broke through their garage window to eat the trash. If Goldilocks shows up, we’ll have a real […]

Construction – Weeks 17 & 18 1

We spent the last week in Texas visiting family, so I’m a couple weeks behind updating the blog. While we were away, Jason and I both had nightmares about the house and were anxious to get home to see what had transpired while we were out of town. This is what we found: The siding […]

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