Monthly Archives: April 2012

reduce : reuse: recycle : reTHINK 0

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature this weekend. The hubs has unfortunately been cooped up in the library studying for finals, but I’ve spent the entire weekend working in the garden and entertaining the dogs with long walks. I’m ready for his exams to […]

Our Bloomin’ Garden 2

The weather has been so nice lately and I’ve been spending every chance I get outside working in the garden, thus the lack of frequent blog posts. Over the past week I’ve transplanted some daisies and irises that were getting too big, added a few drought-tolerant perennials, and put down 16 bags of mulch in […]

Eat Your Veggies 1

You know what one of my very favorite things about spring and summer is? Shopping for fresh produce at the farmers’ market! Call me a weirdo, but it’s seriously more exciting than a trip to the candy store for me. I’m so thrilled that our local farmers’ market opens for the season in a couple […]

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