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See A Pattern? 0

Bold geometric patterns seem to be popping up everywhere from textiles and fashion to decor and product packaging. I think they bring such a timeless quality to design and somehow look vintage and preppy at the same time. You can easily and inexpensively bring this trend into your own home with some framed prints or […]

Onesie, Twosie 5

When my friends started having babies I decided it was time to take up knitting as a hobby. Visions of handmade booties and blankies danced in my head. ┬áTurns out, knitting requires quite a bit of coordination and, unfortunately, my fingers did not get the memo. The lowest point came when my brother yanked the […]

Krafty Handmade Envelopes 0

I’m head over heels for Paper Source’s envelope templates! I’ve been coveting these babies for a while now and finally have a set to call my very own (thanks, Mom!). It’s the little things in life that make me happy. My envelope-making fore entailed recycling paper grocery bags and holiday cards into personal stationary. I […]

Mod Message Board 2

When we remodeled our kitchen three years ago, we accidentally broke a piece of textured glass that was intended for the cabinet door. I couldn’t bear to just throw the glass away, but wasn’t quite sure how to reuse it. So, it’s been sitting around in the garage ever since. On a recent trip to […]

Festive and Frugal 5

Holiday cards are near the top of my “favorite things” list, so it only makes sense that I dedicate my very first post to them! Who cares that the holiday season has already come and gone? It’s never too early to start brainstorming ideas for next year. Once upon a time, I shopped for my […]

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