Monthly Archives: June 2011

Charmed by Charleston 6

In my last post I mentioned that we were planning a little getaway to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. Every year we try to visit someplace we’ve never been and kept hearing wonderful things about Charleston, South Carolina, so we decided it was time to check it out for ourselves. I’m so glad we did! […]

Have Love, Will Travel 6

This weekend marks six years of holy matrimony for us! Instead of exchanging gifts, we have a tradition of celebrating our wedding anniversary by taking a trip to a place we’ve never been. Some years we go on a big adventure to a faraway destination; other years our vacation is not quite as exotic. Nonetheless, […]

Dog Days of Summer 1

Well, this pretty much sums up our weekend: It’s really too bad that our pups lead such a tough, miserable existence! Clearly they don’t get to have any fun at all.

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