Monthly Archives: July 2012

Montana – Week 4 1

This past weekend we headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to check out the magnificent Teton mountain range. It’s still about a six hour drive from Billings, but we figured that was a heck of a lot closer than making the trip to Wyoming from Oklahoma! We left after work on Friday and didn’t arrive until […]

Montana – Week 3 0

Although every week in Montana has been full of adventures, this is the week we have been looking forward to the most. My family traveled up from San Antonio for a visit and to explore Yellowstone National Park with us! We stayed outside the park in a cabin on the Yellowstone River between Livingston and […]

Montana – Week 2 0

While it’s tough to top our action-packed first week in Montana, our second week here will go down as a memorable one as well. We are beginning to feel settled now….at least as settled as you can be while living 1,240 miles from your own bed. During the week, we don’t get to explore much […]

Montana – Week 1 7

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, we finally made it to Montana! Behold, Billings: This is our home for six weeks while Jason completes his internship. Seeing as how we had never laid eyes on the “Magic City” before arriving here, we quickly had to brush up on our Billings trivia. For example, did […]

On The Move 5

You may have noticed that the ol’ bloggy has been quiet lately and that’s because we’ve been a little preoccupied with work, traveling, and moving. That’s right, we moved… MONTANA! Not permanently, we’re just living here for six weeks this summer. Jason was offered an amazing internship opportunity with a law firm in Billings and, […]

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