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22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 1

Happy Earth Day, earthlings! Today is one of my favorite holidays because it provides an opportunity to give thanks to Mother Earth for her abundant blessings (fresh air! clean water!) and demonstrate support for environmental protection. It’s a perfect time to reevaluate your habits and consider making changes to become more eco-friendly. Don’t forget to […]

Greener Gift Wrap 3

December is here and Santa’s elves are working around the clock to get all the toys ready for the good girls and boys by Christmas Eve. I would love nothing more than to be the elf in Santa’s workshop who gets to wrap presents! It’s my dream job, actually. I’ve mentioned before (here and here) […]

The Great Pumpkin: A Fall Centerpiece Tutorial 4

Even though Halloween is now behind us, I’m betting there are a few of us with pumpkins still on our front porches. Anyone, anyone? Yeah, I thought so. Well, worry not. I have a great way to give Jack a new lease on life – turn him into a vase for a flower arrangement! A […]

reduce : reuse: recycle : reTHINK 0

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature this weekend. The hubs has unfortunately been cooped up in the library studying for finals, but I’ve spent the entire weekend working in the garden and entertaining the dogs with long walks. I’m ready for his exams to […]

Be Green, Save Green 1

  While cleaning the house today, I thought of a few things that I want to share. Firstly, dusting is way overrated. Secondly, vacuuming is, too. Thirdly, putting away the clean laundry is my least favorite of all. However, that is not what I want to share. I’m actually here to tell you about a […]

Homemade Laundry Detergent 9

A few months ago I began a personal mission to replace the commercial cleaning products in our home with natural alternatives that are both gentler on the environment and easier on the ol’ wallet. After a couple months of cleaning exclusively with my homebrew, I’m happy to report that I haven’t missed the store-bought stuff […]

Pallet Possibilities 27

I’m noticing a new trend popping up on a lot of design blogs recently – furniture made from reclaimed shipping pallets. Ever since I spotted this funky green coffee table for my Retro Glam mood board, I’ve become slightly obsessed with finding new ways to upcycle pallets into functional pieces for the home. Wooden pallets […]

Organizing on a Budget 16

One of the things I miss about living in a big city are the abundant shopping options. Tulsa isn’t exactly the end of the Earth, but the choices here are much more limited than what I’d grown accustomed to while living in Austin. For instance, there is not a single Container Store in the entire state […]

Put a Cork In It 18

For Earth Day this year, Anthropologie created an entire theme around recycled wine corks and even hosted a “Crafting with Cork” day in many of their stores. After receiving the invite, I immediately called to reserve my spot at the event and was asked how many children I would be bringing with me. “Ummm…..ZERO?!” Then […]

Clean Green 14

Today is Earth Day, y’all. While I jumped on the “go green” bandwagon long ago, each year this holiday gives me reason to stop and consider what else I could do to be a better steward of the natural resources God has entrusted us with. Around our house we already do most of the typical […]

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