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Greener Gift Wrap 3

December is here and Santa’s elves are working around the clock to get all the toys ready for the good girls and boys by Christmas Eve. I would love nothing more than to be the elf in Santa’s workshop who gets to wrap presents! It’s my dream job, actually. I’ve mentioned before (here and here) […]

reduce : reuse: recycle : reTHINK 0

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature this weekend. The hubs has unfortunately been cooped up in the library studying for finals, but I’ve spent the entire weekend working in the garden and entertaining the dogs with long walks. I’m ready for his exams to […]

Spring Bucket List 7

Spring has sprung! This week our daffodils bloomed, as if to announce that sunshine, blue skies, and green grass are on their way! Each time I’m greeted by these cheerful yellow flowers, I can’t help but smile and feel thankful for the promise of new beginnings and fresh perspective that come with this season. Welcome, […]

Sharing the Love: 50 Ideas for Making Your Own Valentines 29

There’s something super sweet about handmade valentines. Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve sitting at the kitchen table (covered head to toe with glue and glitter!) making cards for my friends. Ok, let’s be honest…..this scenario still happens at my house today, even as an adult. Every year on Valentine’s Day, my sweetie […]

Thanksgiving Printables 5

Wow, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! This will be my second year hosting and I’m really looking forward to it. Putting such a big meal together always seemed like an overwhelming task, but last year I learned that starting preparations a few days in advance not only makes the process […]

Gratitude Stones 1

Yes, I’m still here! I appreciate all the calls and messages we received from friends and family checking on us after this crazy weekend of earthquakes in Oklahoma. We’re totally fine! What a bizarre feeling, though, to be jolted awake from a deep sleep by the sound of your house vibrating all around you. Not […]

Get DOORganized! 3

Happy National Get Organized Week, y’all! Yes, apparently it’s a real holiday that takes place each year throughout the first week of October. Despite the lack of cake or time off from work, any excuse to organize something is a celebration in my opinion. So, in the spirit of getting organized, I want to share some […]

Fall Bucket List 15

Have I mentioned that fall is my absolute favorite time of year? I adore everything about it – aisle after aisle of school supplies, a crisp breeze in the air, colorful foliage, layered outfits, and any recipe in which pumpkin is an ingredient. Let’s just say that if I knew of a place where every […]

Be Green, Save Green 1

  While cleaning the house today, I thought of a few things that I want to share. Firstly, dusting is way overrated. Secondly, vacuuming is, too. Thirdly, putting away the clean laundry is my least favorite of all. However, that is not what I want to share. I’m actually here to tell you about a […]

Homemade Toothpaste 9

Well, friends – I’ve been at it again here in the design finch laboratory, this time experimenting with a recipe for homemade toothpaste. Why am I making toothpaste, you ask? When I started reading about the toxins (think rat poison and engine degreaser) contained in most conventional toothpastes, we made the decision to switch to […]

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