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Paint Colors 7

Oddly, even though we sold our home in Austin a year and a half ago, I’ve recently received a ton of emails asking about the paint colors we used. (A ton of emails meaning three, at most.) Fortunately I saved all of the paint swatches in our home improvement file….because, yes, I’m crazy like that. […]

Our Nest: Before & After 13

We bought our first home on June 9, 2006, two days shy of our 1-year wedding anniversary. The cozy 1,534 square foot house, which we loving called “Chaz Schraz” (because it’s on Charles Schreiner Trail), was located in the Legend Oaks neighborhood in southwest Austin, about 15 minutes from downtown. Last month we sold our […]

Staged: A Bathroom Makeover in Three Acts 5

In preparation for our upcoming move to Tulsa, we’ve spent the last couple of months getting our house ready to sell. If you’ve watched HGTV shows like Designed to Sell, you’ve probably heard the term “staging” thrown around. Staging is all about making your home appear larger, cleaner, more inviting, and ultimately more appealing to […]

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