Get DOORganized!

Happy National Get Organized Week, y’all! Yes, apparently it’s a real holiday that takes place each year throughout the first week of October. Despite the lack of cake or time off from work, any excuse to organize something is a celebration in my opinion. So, in the spirit of getting organized, I want to share some ways to instantly gain tons of storage space in almost any home by simply utilizing the backs of doors to their fullest potential. I’ve rounded up 15 inspirational photos that illustrate how to really put the back of a cabinet or closet door to work. Shall we get this party started?

Get DOORganized: Ideas for Organizing the Back of a Kitchen Cabinet DoorClockwise: Lid Rack, Cutting Board Rack,
Measuring Cup Organizer and Conversion Chart

Get DOORganized: Ideas for Organizing the Back of a Pantry DoorClockwise: Chalkboard Menu Planner and Shopping List,
Pocket Organizer, DIY Spice Rack

Get DOORganized: Ideas for Organizing the Back of a Laundry Room DoorClockwise: Broom Closet Hooks, Tool Clips, Laundry Cabinet Pegboard

Get DOORganized: Ideas for Organizing the Back of a Craft Room DoorClockwise: Craft Cupboard, Craft Closet Pegboard, Gift Wrap Organizer

Get DOORganized: Ideas for Organizing the Back of a Bathroom DoorClockwise: Bathroom Cabinet Racks, Curling Iron Holsters,
Medicine Cabinet Adhesive Cups

Before you invest time or money into organizational products, measure the depth of the item you plan to install and how much space there is between the closed door and any shelves or other items that might prevent the door from closing. Then, go forth and get organized! Just remember to celebrate your newfound space with a slice of cake!

Now it’s your turn to take part in the festivities. In honor of Get Organized Week, link your organizing posts below!

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  1. By The Versatile Blogger Award « Karla M Curry on December 3, 2011 at 11:31 am

    […] : create : inspire” – I totally relate!  Check out this post for getting DOORganized.  And I love how she rounds up lots of creative ideas that she comes across – like these […]


  1. I LOVE all these aDOORable ideas. 😉 I’d love to try so many of these, but since we rent, I’m afraid our property manager would throw a fit if we accidentally messed something up. Until we have a place that’s actually our own, my pot and pan lids will probably keep taking up their own 1.5 drawers! :(

    Posted December 8, 2011 at 2:25 am | Permalink
  2. Diane HumphreyNo Gravatar

    LOVE your ideas and hope to incorporate several soon!

    Posted July 28, 2012 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

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