Construction – Week 9

Apparently this has turned into a blog just about construction! You’ll have to bear with me for a couple months longer, unfortunately. This project is consuming the majority of my mental capacity right now so I don’t have room to think about much else.

To put it frankly, this was a really crappy week on the job site. Framing is progressing slowly and taking much longer than what our contractor had estimated. This “little” miscalculation means that the additional labor expenses are waaaay over what was budgeted for framing, even though the scope of the project has not changed. Needless to say, both Jason and I are extremely irritated by the whole construction process right now and wondering why we ever thought remodeling was a good idea in the first place.

Home Remodel – Stair Construction Progress

On the bright side, the staircase is underway and coming along nicely! Both the stringers and the treads are made from parallam beams. I think they’ll look really cool once they are stained and the texture comes through. They will also be sturdy enough to support a herd of elephants….

Home Remodel – Stair Construction Progress

….or at least a couple of crazy hound dogs! On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t add the final few treads because this gaping hole is proving to be a pretty effective dog barricade.

Home Remodel – Living Area Construction Progress

This is the view standing in the living room looking back towards the front entry. The kitchen peninsula will be to the left of the steel column.

Home Remodel – Master Bedroom Construction Progress

The master bedroom roof is beginning to take shape. In the meantime, it feels like a treehouse in there.

Home Remodel – Master Suite Construction Progress

This is the view of the master suite looking towards what will become the shower. Some of the interior walls still aren’t framed out, yet.

Home Remodel – Master Suite Construction Progress

And the view looking into the master bathroom towards the future vanity.

Home Remodel – Study Construction Progress

Here’s my love standing in the study. We’ve been working on designing the workspace and built-ins for this room and are excited about how it’s coming together. That’s a future post, though!

In the meantime, you can find us curled in a fetal position clutching our Excel spreadsheets.

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